Text Messaging For Small Business

You can send text messages such as coupons to your customers that sign up to your VIP list.

Here’s how a customer uses my system

For example, a Pizza shop owner put a sign at his business, menu, flyers and other advertisement he’s already doing that simply

Text “pizza” to 646-xxx-xxxx (this is a local number assigned to him only) to get special discounts from us.

That’s it. He made other signs that basically say the same thing for the keyword he’s using and he can use unlimited keyword on

the same number. For example:

Text “pizza” to 646-xxx-xxxx to get on our VIP List / to get 20% off our 14″
For a different campaign he directed at football fans:
Text “Giants” to 646-xxx-xxxx to get special fan discount from us.
He also set up for “Jets”, “Yankees”, and “Mets”… you get the idea.

When these teams are playing, he sends special discount coupons to the people on the lists. For example, for the customers on the

“Giants” list, it looks something like this:

Hope the Giants have a great game today!

Use Coupon Code: 1214 to get 14″ Large + 3 toppings for $10.99

Call: 646-XXX-XXXX ( This is his business/order taking #)

Exp: [[date:1]] ( You can set expiration date)

Text “STOP GIANTS” to opt-out of list.( Always allow your list to opt-out)

The number to call on the text is clickable. In other words, on smart phones, the customer would just click the number to call this

business. If he had used a website address, they could click and go to the page.

To test this for yourself, text “Craigslist” to 443-955-5666 to get the system for only $30 / month. No set-up fee (a $97 value)

If you prefer pay-as-you-go, You can get it for 500 messages for only $24.95
The coupon you will get will allow you to get set-up for FREE! Exclusive to business customers from Craigslist only.

Q: Is this a shortcode?
A: No. This works with a longcode 10 digit phone number. You will be assigned your own number, so no one can abuse the system and

get you shot down as it usually happens on shortcodes.

Q: Are there other fees?
A: Yes. For each phone number, there’s a $1 per month + $0.01 / per message but, you get $30 sign on bonus you can use towards your messages. So your first month is basically free!
Q: I don’t want to manage the text messaging broadcast myself, do you offer managed accounts?
A: Yes. We have 2 managed options where you sign up for your own phone and the other where we assign a number and maximum messages per month.

Q: What other features does your system have?
A: Unlimited Mobile Keywords.
Unlimited Lists Voice Broadcast -Computer voice or Professional(you provide).
Unlimited Mobile Coupons.
Scheduled Lists Broadcast.
Blast Live Broadcasts.
You can add unlimited phone list if you already have them
Easy to use.
Unlimited support tickets.
Includes Hosting on our server.

* I would text you the following Sign on Bonus: $30 when you set up your phone, and a link to get Unlimited QR Codes for your

business or we install the plugin on 1 wordpress site for you.
Text “Craigslist” to 443-955-5666 to get the system for only $30 / month. No set-up fee (a $97 value).
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