What I Hate About Social Bookmarking and How To Automate It

Posted on May 20, 2010 in Website Development | 0 comments

I want to talk to you today about one part of Internet marketing that I absolutely hate: social bookmarking.  It is true that you need to do it to help your pages rank better on Google and other search engines. Bottom line is, they help drive more traffic to your site. If you have heard this before, it is true. But there’s a problem: It’s incredibly boring!  There is nothing  more mind-numbing than clicking through from one site to another site and then another site pasting in your links. I hate it. Hate, hate, hate.  Did I say I hate it? Sorry, I had to get that out of my...

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5 Excellent ways to promote Online Store and Rank High on Search Engines

Posted on Apr 29, 2010 in Website Development | 0 comments

5 excellent ways to promote Online Store and Rank high on Search Engines 1.Forum signature: Join and participate in niche forums related to your products. Put your websites/stores links in your forum signature. You can easily find them on google. Search for: intitle:”forum”+keywords,or intext:”forum”+keywords 2.Bookmarks : Submit your online store and website to Bookmarks sites. They are easy for backlinks and visitors. Here is one way you can do that: Sign up for an account at http://ping.fm then sign up for all the listed networks. When you send an update...

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6 Effective Routines to Backlinks and High Page Rank

Posted on Apr 22, 2010 in Website Development | 0 comments

I got a question from a client recently who want to know “How do I get backlinks…improve page rank?” Here’s a few ways that are proven to get Google to reward your efforts with high page rank. Without beating about the bush, here’s what you need to do… 1) Submit your sites to many web directories. This will not only gets you backlinks but also gets you indexed. You only need to make sure the directories are related to your niche. 2) Bookmark your sites on as many of the social bookmark sites as you can. Google loves these networks because they are...

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