PR5 Web Directory,High traffic Low BIN:5600 unique/mon 20000 links

I am selling a high value and  high traffic free PR 5 Web Directory. This is the beauty of the directory that you can promote it anywhere+ existing website links, an average of 400+ new website links being added DAILY.VALULE OF SITE IS $6838 and MONTHLY PROFIT POTENTIAL WITH ADSENSE IS $8.(See the ATTACHMENTS).

The directory can be modified very easily and can be managed by a user who is just a beginner in this field.(no need to have any know-how of computer languages)

DIRECTORY NAME :    SECIPRO.NET(Premium Directory)

BACKLINKS               :  1130

ALEXA                         : 52,000

LINKS                           : 19000+(getting new daily 400 to 450)

UNIQUES                     :   5600

SCRIPT                         : PHPLD (latest version 2.2)         

DAILY VISITS           : 475

MONTHLY  PAGES   : 51,800(see attachment)

MONTHLY USERS     : 215,415(see attachment)

MONTHLY HITS        : 214,731



Links can approve by just one click.


This site can be perform many functions like:

·         Selling featured link by paypal.

·         Link validation.

·         Can see  latest links

·         Can see famous links

·         Show RSS

·         Having the capability to show the featured links

·         Each directory runs on AUTOPILOT because I have no time to work on these directories. But if you will be able to spend more time on these directories you can be earn a lot of money.

·         Can sell the products(you can also increase your revenue through this way)

·         Set Links per Page

·         Open Links in New Window (Optional)

·         Lots of Free Templates Available

·         Templates Easy to Edit Using Smartyss

·         Show Link and Category Counts (yes/no)

·         Show Subcategories below subcategories on main index;

·         Show PageRank of links in the directory

·         Sort links in each category by PageRank, Alphabetically or by number hits. Hits are counted with js, so no jump urls are used

·         Every directory has a powerful payment system for selling the featured links. And price of featured link can be change by going in hthe admin section of directory

I’ve not tried to monetize the websites in any way, so it has a “huge potential” to make more money, you can use adsense, or even turn this “general” directory or many other ways (see revenue section)               

– Can sell Featured at high, regular links on the network(A lot of place for selling the featured links as well as regular links)

– Can sell SEO service via email marketing(you can also earn a huge profit through this way)

– Can resell the link directory for 3 to 4 times more profit by doing little work.

 This Web Directory is very flexible, you can add even revenue stream by adding these sites to some ads network which gives per click as well as per impression for the ads, banners.

The existing traffic on the site is AUTOPILOT. You can increase traffic by 2 times with little effort .there are a lot of ways to increase the traffic.

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