How Mobile Marketing Benefit Your Business in 2011

Mobile Marketing Service is one of our featured service. We make your business more findable where your customers are engaged; on their mobile devices.

Customers now depend on their mobile devices than ever before. We can help your business take full advantage of what mobile marketing has to offer in Local listings, SMS, Mobile Landing pages, Click to Call, QR Codes and Mobile apps.

For example, with text messaging you always want to be sure there’s an immediacy to your message. It works when you ask customers to text a word to a number. They then get a coupon on their phone. They simply bring their phones to the store with the offer. No need to print out a coupon. The cashier checks the text message and applied the discount.

Another way with adapt this service is what we call, SMS-to-message service. Here’s how it works. We set up your SMS for example, “life coach to 12345″. When your customers text” life coach” to the number, they get a text back they can click on to go to your mobile landing page. We set up click-to-call on your landing page so when they click, it calls your message service or goes directly to your phone.

The SMS service is just one of the services we provide in this channel.

So, let us give you a free market analysis for your business. We review where your business stands in local listings and mobile marketing. We suggest ways to make your business more findable using all local, search, and mobile elements. (a $495 value)
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