5 Excellent ways to promote Online Store and Rank High on Search Engines

5 excellent ways to promote Online Store and Rank high on Search Engines

1.Forum signature:
Join and participate in niche forums related to your products. Put your websites/stores links in your forum signature. You can easily find them on google. Search for:
intitle:”forum”+keywords,or intext:”forum”+keywords

2.Bookmarks :
Submit your online store and website to Bookmarks sites. They are easy for backlinks and visitors. Here is one way you can do that:

Sign up for an account at http://ping.fm then sign up for all the listed networks. When you send an update in ping.fm all the other networks get updated automatically.
Another is to add them to some of these sites:
digg , gnolia, propeller , store digg , linkagogo ,a1-webmarks ,mixx.com , mister-wong , bmaccess , newsvine , mypip , mylinkvault , furl , and backflip.

Or use socialAdr.com

It’s a great way to add your bookmarks to web 2.0 sites all from one location and it’s easy and affordable.

3.Search engines and directories:
Before you jump in here’s what you need to do first to maximize this section. Go to: http://www.google.com/webmasters/checklist/
Read up on what Google want from a webmaster.
This is the original guide; search-engine-optimization-starter-guide
When you know what Google want and you give it to them, when they rank you well the others will follow.
Then use the lessons as you go along.
Search Engines: Google, MSN, Ask, alltheweb, and many more.
DoFollow Directories:
PR: 8

PR: 6

PR: 5

PR: 4
4.Join and participate in Kaboodle . Add in products with your product url links.
5.Create blogs about your products and stores. Example: Blogger, MySpace, WordPress and more.and Feed and ping your store blogs. Icerocket, BlogExplosion, Technorati, Weblogalot, Pingomatic, Pingoat,

Make sure that your posting on your blog is fresh and unique content.
Update frequently.
Offer different RSS/social bookmarking option on your blog.
You can increase google pagerank by reading this page we made for that.
Good luck.

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